Thursday, 6 February 2014

To wash or not to wash...

My hair of course...
Ever since I could remember I have shampooed and conditioned my hair every day until a few weeks ago. 
You see I am trying to grow my hair after years of trying,getting bored and going for the chop.
I have lusted after luscious long locks for so long.
2014 is the year that I achieve this.
I have researched how I can achieve this and the first tip I gained was to not wash my hair everyday. 
A little back ground about my hair. It has a natural wave and since ghds hit town has been a slave to heat. Over the years this has thinned my hair and of course has caused a lot of damage. My hair no matter how hard I tried never grew beyond shoulder length.
The ghds are tucked away and have been for months. I am embracing the wave. Already this has helped but the next step is to only wash every other day.
This has not been easy. My hair has felt dirty. The science behind it is that I am not stripping my hair of its natural oils which nourish my hair and fingers crossed enable it to grow thick and luscious. In my dreams!
Nourishing or not my hair has been looking like an oil slick come the 2nd day.
On the plus side less time spent in the shower, meaning less shampoo, conditioner and water saved. All good in the quest to save those pennies.
Alas I look a state...
I had to do something.

I bought dry shampoo. First up I tried Baptiste £2.99 which can be found in array of fragrances and is available everywhere on the high street.
Whether I am using it wrongly or it's just not for me. This stuff has irritated my scalp am I the only one? Perhaps I am not using it correctly. Tips on this would be gratefully received.


I am giving myself a change.
After reading lots of blogs I have decided to try the Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder £21.50

This stuff is by no means cheap but figuring that I should get a quite a few months use from it unlike the Baptiste that lasts less than a month, I figured there wasn't a whole lot of difference in the price. 
So far so good, I have used it a couple times and no scalp irritation hallelujah!
It still doesn't beat washing your hair but who knows this whole dry shampoo lark might grow on me. It has given my hair renewed volume on day 2 without my hair feeling like it's been through a sand storm.
As it's still early days I will update again at the end of the month.

What dry shampoos are a winner for you?
Any tips for growing hair?
Seriously I need your pearls of wisdom!