Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Clothes horse

Having read on twitter last week that the average household has 4k of clothing in their wardrobe of which 30% is unworn has got me thinking.

At the first take I thought no that's not us then I took a real good luck
My most unworn items are shoes. I am a boots in the winter and a flip flops in the summer kinda gal.
Since having a baby that is fast becoming the usain bolt of the toddler world, stiletto heels have become a no no.
Next on the list are party dresses which come out maybe half a dozen times a year now if that. Lovely dresses that look so pretty but no longer cater to the body of a 30 something who has had a baby without spanx!
It is therefore my aim for February to rid myself of these impractical and unwearable items that I will never wear or use again. Who's with me?
So far 7 such items have been sold on eBay for approx £45. Not a bad start eh! Who knew that £'s were literally hanging up in my wardrobe.
It's amazing the feeling that having a bit of a clear out gives you and of course the £'s added to the bank account is always a bonus. 
It's Dexter's 2nd birthday in two weeks so this money will come in handy for his party.
Are you having a clear out?
Is there anything you can't bear to part with?