Monday, 3 February 2014

Getting more miles

Fuel prices are forever on the rise. In the last 10 years fuel prices have gone up by 75%.

Gone are the days of filling up the car on £30. Nowadays it's more like £60.
We can't make a difference with how much it costs but we can make a difference with how much we use. Here are my five tips to how I get more miles for my money:
1. Check your tyre pressure. Tyres that aren't fully pumped to the required levels can affect your consumption. Check your pressures monthly. I fill my car up monthly so do this after visiting the pump.
2. Empty your car of unnecessary loads. The heavier the car the harder the vehicle has to work. I try to clean my car every month (try being the operative word) at the very least I will empty all unnecessary contents.
3. Drive less aggressively. Try to avoid erratic speeding up or slowing down of your car. This will also save those brake pads. I live in rural Cornwall where venturing down country lanes is an everyday occurrence and having to reverse back for tractors is the norm. So fast driving is not an option.
4. If your lucky enough to have cruise control use it. This will help to maintain a constant speed and encourages you to look further ahead and react more steadily to oncoming traffic. I don't have cruise control but try to maintain the car in as high a gear as possible.
5. Check you have replaced your petrol cap properly. Put your hands up if you have not done this? What only me!

Where all else fails put one foot in front of the other and walk! Your shoes are bought and paid for....If only it was as easy as that!

What do you do to get more miles?