Monday, 20 January 2014

The Spendthrift days ...

So here I am 21 years old single and working. I had no responsibility except to feed myself and a pocket full of money. I spent spent spent until there was no more. I partied hard, went shopping every week without fail for that must have dress and shoes and frittered away all I had. Alongside my day job as a trainee accountant I did bar work which fuelled my social life. I made lots of friends or so I thought.

At the time I thought this was making me happy but all it was doing slowly but surely was making me get into more and more debt. I spent what I earnt and more besides. This was the culture then. Credit cards were offered to me monthly. The thought process then was well if I can afford the minimum payment then yes I will spend. Before I knew it, I was in at least £20k of debt and struggling to make minimum payments.

The me of today would have written down a plan of what I owed and how I was going to pay it. Stupidly I didn't. All the while I am training to be an accountant. I knew if you spent more than you earnt then it was only going to be a slippery slope to bankruptcy. There was no waking up and smelling the coffee. I was in denial I had a problem.

It took meeting the love of my life and best friend to make all things change.

This was not an overnight turnaround. I still liked to socialise and buy nice things but the love of a good man filled the hole in my life that I seemed to have been desperately trying to fill.

Fast forward five years to 2011 and everything and I mean everything changed...