Monday, 13 January 2014

A little bit about me...

I am 33 years old woman and I am a Spendthrift. There I said it!

Admitting this after years of denial in my 20's  has been like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
I am, used to be and still am a little bit (ssshhhh!) that person that you would see with a new hair style monthly and a wardrobe that could clothe a small country. Dominoes was on speed dial and my mobile phone bill would pay half of my mortgage in today's calculation.

That WAS me..

Getting older and maybe a little bit wiser has shown me that all of these things were just material. They covered up temporarily the hurt and anxiety that I was experiencing. I was lonely and sad and spending money made me feel better. Also everyone else was doing it so why couldn't I?

I had a humble childhood. We didn't have much in terms of material things, but I had food in my belly and a loving family.  This love I had as a teenager was misinterpreted then. My parents were strict. I was the eldest and I was treated how my parents were treated at the same age. I rebelled and left home at 16 just like they had.

I can pinpoint my spendthrift ways began at this point.
I didn't become a spendthrift in the financial sense but in the food sense. I comfort ate to replace the love I had lost from my parents and sisters and consequently put on 2 stone overnight. If I saw it I ate it!!
However I did complete my GCSE's and A levels and got a place at university to teach and lost the 2 stone through Weight Watchers!

At this point of my life was where it all had started to go wrong. I was unhappy with my relationship, unhappy with my career choice and generally had hit a cross road. I could carry on with the chosen path of teaching in a relationship with a man who was nice but just didn't excite me or I could change all that. You guessed it I changed everything!

I left university and split up with my long term boyfriend without any real thought. I was a ruthless 21 year old that didn't look back. I literally opened up the jobs page of a local paper closed my eyes and picked a job. The fate of my career future was in that one digit. Luckily for me it was a job that I had a chance of doing. A trainee accountant. Maths had been my favourite subject at school so I went for it.

I began the job with much enthusiasm and with it my first real pay packet at the end of the month.
I thought I was rich and the world was my oyster. I was single could do what I wanted when I wanted and how I wanted. So I did. This is when I became a true spendthrift...

I will tell you how in a few days time.

Speak soon

L x